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Features—? Spells have an Area of Effect, so you must choose your target wisely!? 8 u...
? Spells have an Area of Effect, so you must choose your target wisely!
? 8 unique playable characters!
? Up to 15 hours of gameplay!
? Open exploration of the entire world.
? A beautiful soundtrack of sweeping melodies and exciting battle tracks.
? Customize your characters` spells and skills.
? Steam Trading Cards & Achievements!

Unique narration: learn about the life of a real girl as you delve into the fantasies of her mind.

Deluxe Version Grab this exclusive bundle of The Princess` Heart containing:

? The full Original Soundtrack! (2 Discs and 24 Tracks) iTunes-ready with HD cover art!
? The 71-page Strategy Guide (more information here).
? 3 exclusive skills: [Wind], [Radiant Star] and [Cutesy Claws]
? A dozen exclusive items granted to you at the beginning of the game, including: [Firey Tea], [Green Tea], [Jasmine Tea], [Black Tea], [Scroll of Return] and [Poisonous Liquid].

Story Princess Aerin Goldheart suspects that her prince is sharing the bed with another woman. After once again becoming intoxicated and making a scene, the King and Queen send her away to a forest cottage for rehabilitation. Aerin sneaks off to sign a contract with the Demon of Desire to make the prince love her again, but things go awry and she must travel the world to break the deal and vanquish her demons!

Featuring a vast array of traditional and beautiful settings, including: deserts, sky cities, fire caves, mazes and more. Help Aerin free her soul from the curse of Izdul-Kalag before her heart is forever lost to the darkness!

Download the Strategy Guide separately:

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